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Universal values
For the dedicated humanist, Olivier Föllmi, thirty-five years’ travel around the world has proved a never-ending source of experiences and lessons. His work has thus crystallised around values and messages with a universal reach that has a strong power of identification.

Respect of Man and his environment
Olivier Föllmi’s work has always focused on these two major themes. His photographs have always aimed at revealing the beauty of Humanity, the wealth of the planet, and the importance of the interactions existing between Man and his environment.

The wealth of diversity
During his journeys, Olivier Föllmi has travelled the world and discovered cultures and peoples on all the continents. As such, he considers it vital to share this knowledge and to make the public at large aware that such diversity is a wealth that needs to be promoted, appreciated and protected.

Sharing, transmission and education
A dedicated philanthropist, Olivier Föllmi is also a conveyer of ideas who has always placed human exchange at the heart of his travels. His photographs are the results of his thirst for encounters, sharing and transmission. Reaching out to and understanding others is also to access a heritage of wisdom and knowledge that it is vital to share with young and old alike.



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This collection of 10 double-sided cards (with envelopes) for the benefit of the Association Olivier Föllmi promoting children’s education in the Himalayas and the rural world.
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